hi i draw and this is where i dump all my art

gundam twitter doodles/wips

Sep 13th (+18)

-sweats a bit-

Sep 08th (+4)

plugsuit chars

Sep 08th (+13)

Valvrave Week Day 4:

A uniform of your choice / A character wearing the enemy’s uniform

Haruto in the Dorssian uniform of course! 

Aug 21st (+13)

Valvrave Week Day 2: Crossover/AU

H9X1/Locktie wombocombo!

Aug 19th (+14)

Valvrave Week Day 1: Favorite character/Character who deserves more love

L-Elf has pretty much ruined my life.

Aug 17th (+17)

amuro rei

Aug 16th (+41)

nsfw char/amuro doodles beneath the cut

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Aug 15th (+6)

max and apples

Aug 15th (+2)

based off of that forced-to-hold-hands-as-punishment-for-getting-into-a-fight picture

Aug 13th (+86)